Valentines day goes for a toss….Howzaat ???

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Chapter 1 | Valentine’s Day

It was ‘De Day for me like all other lovers around the world. I hardly remember celebrating this day with my love for the past 4 years since then we are in love. It all looked to be different from outside and I dint really want to thrust anything on my girl as I already knew that it would finally end up in a big flop. So I just managed to get few hours of her time, a week before itself which was agreed to. I wanted to celebrate it, at least in a small way that would make her glow.

Chapter 2 | The gift:

I was wondering about what to gift her… It was pretty simple that she dint like my plan of getting a dress which she would wear on ‘De day. And I knew that I can’t go any further do something big and finally ending up on a rough patch. Finally I ended up designing a Heart collage of all her pics I had since these years and I went to the printing place and saw to that it came out well and got laminated and stuck to a 3 mm foam board and more than everything shape cutting which took the time. It came out really great. And I went to my friend (Ram’s) place and got it packed with his help. It was with his help that I could get it packed at the rite time.

Chapter 3 | The card:

I went to Landmark for getting some gift wrapper and so a thought came in mind. Why not a card? So I went in search of cards and finally got one for which I dint get a cover. And someone in the shop managed to get a cover which was little big but still it was quite ok. There it was written in bold “I love you” in front of the card.

Chapter 4 | The Dinner:

It was the grand finale…and as expected or unexpected, she din turn up at the time and came 2 hours late. And I had only 20-30 mins in my hand in which I need to order food, food has to come, we need to eat… it was just like an Himalayan task in front of me or rather having 6 balls to face and score 36 runs… I managed to put pressure on the in charge to get the order soon and so we ate and I was just wondering how this could happen to me? Why me? I had no clue why the fate has to keep running behind me over this issue? I gave her the card which I got for her and she was impressed. But I dint have the time to give her the gift or she dint have the rite situation to take my gift to her hostel or even the card. So it was given back and taken back and I left her at the hostel and so ended the Valentine’s Day… But anyways it was not an end to my relationship… I knew we have crossed so many of situations…and so, I was not taken back or disappoint dint flood me… I just knew that things will be ok and so it would happen soon… we enjoy it anyways…She is mine!

Chapter 5 | Feb|14|2011:

I feel like Nostradamus could have been alive so that I would have consulted him an year back or to get a clue about what would happen next, so that I could get ready from now itself. Its far… Its too far from my vision. At the pace my life is going, I am just sitting on a hot pan and having no other choice left to move out.

There’s a proverb saying that “Man proposes & God Disposes”, rather I would say, “He proposes and she Disposes…”

Lets me wait keeping fingers crossed..