Top 5 things to consider while applying for a job!

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While you are really excited to see a job matching your requirements and with a quirky perk in salary, it is quite common that we jump out of the seat to apply immediately before thinking twice. While there are some positives and negatives to it, I am putting down top 5 things to consider while applying for a job.

  1. Check your LinkedIn connections:

Most of the job sites or business networking sites offer details of the individual who’s recruiting for an organization, it is better to see the mutual connections. Mutual connections might be really helpful as well as disastrous for you because your boss/functional head could be a mutual connection (1st degree on LinkedIn) to the hiring manager. Ethically the hiring manager won’t check on you, but what if? Interesting article on whether one should connect or not on Linkedin.

  1. Uniformity on your resume and your interview pitch:

One of many reasons that you might get an interview call would be mainly because of your neatly structured resume. But have you thought on why you never got selected? Here are the 5 biggest Job Application Mistakes ever. Time to get back to drawing board to see if your resume and your pitch during interview resonated the same. Many a times, candidates are carried away during the face to face interview process and might not be a good communicator which results in not getting shortlisted.

  1. Money matters but money isn’t life: Who would work for free?

Be realistic on your expectations. There are many tools and website which can give you an idea of what you can earn. Try fiddling with those websites. Our expenses never stos, but one can’t calculate salary based one’s personal expenses. Do a detailed evaluation of why one should hire you and why should a hiring manager pay you additional percentage hike to hire you in? If you can get through this math, you are great to come out with a number that you can ask for. Try checking the art of salary negotiation in a job interview and top 10 things to avoid during salary negotiations.

  1. Roles or Titles can be deceiving – Be clear in what you want:

You might be thinking that the JD matches aptly to your skill sets. But Wait! See what your predecessor has done in the past in your future organization. Try to connect to the person who left the job and learn from his experiences – the good, bad and ugly part of the job. This will help you to take an informed decision. Often, companies come up with different titles which could be very deceiving but your might not change from what you were doing previously. Here’s a quick read on how job titles can be deceiving. Which means, you are not learning anything new or you are not going a growth part – make sure you take a decision that’s wise and better for your future.

  1. Your subtleness might be your enemy:

Often candidates are seen subtle in their approach. The lightning speed of developments both in the technology and the human resources space has made the candidates to think of how better one can showcase their talents. In recent times, many recruiting websites like Sparkhire, Resume Clip have come up with an option of video resume options too. Here are the top 5 tips for creating impressive video resume – Thanks to Mashable for posting such a useful article. Nina Mufleh has other thoughts – Her innovative resume got her a place in Airbnb. Check how Nina made it to the airbnb team!