Those 20 minutes were my 127 hours !!

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My Monday morning started off with blues as I walked from the Outer ring road to Panathur which is around 2kms. Usually I take an auto but I wasn’t sure what was running in my mind, I walked. Anyway, walking is good and I took it positively. But the next thing which happened was the biggest blooper.

The lever of my washroom door broke a couple of days back and we didn’t take that as a serious thing. If someone gets inside the washroom and closes the door, they wouldn’t be able to open it unless someone outside help them in opening.

My wife and I went out to her native, and I had to come back to Bangalore leaving her in her native. Initially I went once inside the washroom and realized that there is some problem with the door. Second time I went in, out of some thought I closed it. Bang!! #@#$ I knew what I did! Yes, I locked myself inside the washroom and no one is there at home.

All the doors are closed. I kept pulling the lever inside and it came off. I was left in distress. I just remembered the 127 hours. I thought I would also have to stay till someone comes to rescue me. Without losing any hopes I did my best in pulling the bottom part of the door. The door had a wooden finish and it was heavy. It also ended in vain. I cried for help!! Watchman… watchman… watchman… No response!

I sat in the European closet and kept on thinking. I gazed through all the possible items that could help me to open the door. What do you expect one to have in their washrooms? Little things like Brush, Toothpaste, Razor, Scissors, and Cosmetics were there. I took the scissors which was a medium sized one. By that time, I had dismantled the inside part of the handle.

My heart started beating much faster than it used to be. My subconscious mind resonated with panic and my hands were terrifically paining. I took the scissors in my hand and started chopping the wooden part of the door where the lever was locked. It also ended in vain.

Finally, I thought of tampering the inner part of the lever and starter screwing the door. To my surprise it opened. I felt like coming back alive. My heart froze for a moment out of happiness. I thought of my loved ones. That’s when I realized how difficult it would have been for Aron Ralston in 127 hours by Danny Boyle.

Glad that I am alive and still rocking and hence writing this post to share what I went through.