The lost relationships – reformed & new relationships formed.

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It’s been a wonderful period I should say that the Destiny of my life is taking a U turn, where I am getting back to the people who I have lost in contact with. Well, here I mean to say my old friends who I have lost in touch and who are now in contact. Its seriously amuses me, how the time could heal so much of pain. I am pretty sure that life teaches everyone something and so I have been also a very patient student in understanding the structure of life and trying my hands on fiddling with Problems.

My company is undergoing a very quick but efficiently sound transformation process in which I also play a small part in the transformation. We have lots of new faces in our organization and something which makes me have a bright smile on my face is…new joiners. And this includes a new internee from America, two MBA Grads, a small but entertaining HR team and what not …? It’s a pretty small but fun filled team with whom I am spending most of my time and I am really happy J