Sunday Attitude Attack

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My Mind not only wanders, Sometimes it leaves completely

voltaren 75 mg comprimidos I used to always sit in the back seat when some of my friends drive the bike. I used to watch the shops, the people who cross me. The gals who stand near our bike in the signal or who used to cross us.  Anxiously peeping inside any auto that passes by looking for someone. There would be always a positive reply most of the times or sometimes something dumb as they won’t even care about anything.  I would immediately change the attention to something. When I was standing in the signal near my house, I saw a silver Color Car and a gal who was driving that.   I just saw her through her transparent Glass; I swear I din stare at her, did nothing. But it was the first time in my life, A gal throwing so much of attitude over me. She just stated at me for a moment and turned her face. that second

Looked like a Filmy Scene where heroine turns her face seeing the  My friend was pretty relieved that moment. I would even say that lots of butterflies were fluttering in his heart, cause that gal showed her face to me!! haha.. Cause he had been they’re with me long time when he used to drive

The bike and i used to sit at the back saying Hiiiiiiiis & byeeeeeeeees.