[No] strings attached

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Can u tell me a reason why you love me? 

This is a very illustrious question asked by many lovers to each other. Many would say reasons but I personally feel that, there is no reason for love and when you have a reason then it’s not love. A word called separation has so many reasons [strings] attached. There is always a reason for separation. A particular situation might also act as a reason for a separation. Separation is a word which I am over obsessed with. Not because I don’t like this word, but the way this word has played a very vital [damaging] part in my life.

The latest thing which I am crossing in my life is the Stigma of Astrology, Horoscope. Can anyone tell me how to believe that an astrologer is really good in his predictions? Ok, this is not for all those who don’t believe in astrology like me. But we are in a cultural background where astrology is considered to be so vital. It was said that all is well and we were planning to step up to the next level after months of separation until I get to know something which created a mind blowing frustration in me. It was predicted a night before that signs were not good and it’s not the right time to go ahead on marriage front as my girl’s facing Mangal dosh which would lead to a level where the marriage could get cancelled on the marriage day. How strong is this stigma? Imagine, one is to marry a girl and when the girl’s parents say this all of a sudden. Can anyone imagine the questions that were running in my brain that time? Ok just putting down few of them…

Mangal dosh is something which is actually embedded in ones astrology, but where did this suddenly pop up from, when another astrologer had already said all is well with the horoscopes?

If a girl is facing this, it is believed that one should find matches of person having the same? but dint any one notice that ? [I am not bothered and i totally rubbish the whole concept of astrology]

Hindus believe a lot in astrology, Do other religion people believe in all these ?

And so on…but the final verdict was to postpone the whole idea of marriage for another 6 months when the good signs stars showing up from January. Any parent wouldn’t expect bad things to happen in their kid’s life. It was just because of one stupid astrologer my life has gone back to square one where I start expecting my mobile to ring but it doesn’t. Where I start expecting that the love which was showered would be showered back…it doesn’t. But the stigma stays so strong that “it was said quarrels/fights would be all over”. Have anyone seen any love without fights? And this is also considered to be a stigma that astrology says that there will be fight.

Separation can be there in one’s life…but life can’t be separations all over and again and again ’cause we are all humans and we have feeling. But all I should say to myself is “And a day will be dawn….and am waiting for long”. I am not having any ending to this post as I just thought of putting down a page of my life…