My year end reflections

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A quick rewind of the year that went past!

and What’s in the New Year?

I have always felt that my life has been a good example of rolling stone. This passing year also continuous to be the same way as ever. Honestly, I have loved this experience. People tend to be complacent with a routine which makes me feel imprisoned in a platinum cage. Like other years that passed away, this 2015 also had a fair share of events that made me run more than the other years that I passed by and looking forward to the New Year.

Everyone wants a steady job but I have always aspired for an interesting job. Thanks for few good souls who kept their faith on me and which made me learn a lot and deliver something that’s fruitful for the company. But as I said, the ride was not steady as we moved out from an office to virtual office. What I or my friends never lost was confidence. Work for more than fun to us and I loved it as much as my friends did. Then there was some relief when we moved to a tech park after a merger with one of the leaders in the industry.

And comes Haasini – how fast does these kids grow? Every passing day, I ask the say question to myself! I just remembered celebrating my kids first birthday and the next one is fast approaching in less than 50 days. How much has she grown! Haasini started learning rhymes, using mobiles and tabs. She could even find the difference between an iPhone and an android phone by the mere look of it. She can dial a person, open someone’s Facebook account and say who he/she is (mostly my family/friends) or even go to Skype and make a Skype call with her grandparents. Though it is not advisable to handover the technology to kids, I failed miserably in that space and I continue to be one among the millions of fathers who are responsible for indirectly imposing technology on kids. I wish to change it in the way forwards and working towards that – Honestly!

I and my wifey have always been lovers and we (or I) still don’t feel that we are married for 3 years. We keep being away from each other every now and then [not by wish but out of certain commitments that one has accomplish]. Those times would be the most harrowing time. Even though I or (we) spend a little time together at home – when my wifey and kid are not around, I fear silence, darkness and boredom. And I get it over when I bring her back home!

I had a good start with cycling which I couldn’t keep it up for long and which I regret every passing day. Laziness is the only keyword that I can refer to! Over the past 6 months, I haven’t been engaged in any physical activity and which falls as the primer for the upcoming year.

Online buying was at large this year – Amazon, flipkart and PayTM might have had a good time with a customer like me. This is again something that’s really bothering me. I always question myself whether I have come a victim of the Bangalore culture. While I used to be in Chennai, I never bought anything online or never ordered food. But in Bangalore, Ordering online is the only best activity I could feel proud of doing.

Travelling between Chennai and Bangalore was at large this year as my wifey had to continue with her higher studies in Chennai and I kept shuttling back and forth in my car, others car and public/private transport. Kerala and Jaipur were the other few places where I had traveled this year. My travel wish list for 2015 was at large but somehow it just didn’t happen.

This is how my year unfolds to the year end reflections and lots to do in 2016 – keep a watch at my blog about my goals for 2016!