Mr. Babu Rao – the veteran 95 years old Tailor Posted by in 95 years, active, baburao, coat stitching, commitment, fasion, tailor

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As my cousins wedding is on the corner of this weekend, preparations for the wedding are going on the fast pace. I planned to stitch a coat & suit. So my friend who’s a fashion designer planned to design a suit for me. And we wanted someone to stitch it. We spent many days in talking about the material and how the coat should be and blah…blah…blah… and finally we went to Thakurdas Choitrams @ Mount road and hunted for material which happened for few hours and finally we got a black Velvet material and we bought it for 1200 and then we kept it idle for a week, again still planning to give it to someone who can mend it well.  Today was its day when we took the bike and went to give it to some tailor whom my friend referred to. But on the way, he got an idea of going to his old teacher who is aged around 95 years.

I was very anxious to see that guy, and his workings. And when we went to his place was really surprised that he was looking like someone at the age of 70. He was still active and when my friend introduced me and told that he had to design my coat for my cousin’s marriage. He accepted it with the interest of how he would have designed at his earlier part of his life. And it was just little time, he got all his things ready like crayon, Scissors which he had oiled and kept it so that it won’t get rust. Then he started taking the measurement and my friend noted it down.

Then he started cutting it. He started cutting the back side of the coat, front part, hands, collars and he was done in half an hour’s time I Guess.  I became a fan after seeing his style & commitment of working. When we think how many of us would stay that energetic, interested, committed in work at that age, he is someone who would have to be kept in our mind.