madurai-rasipuram-salem wrap up

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Madurai wrap-up

After wrapping up the shoot in Madurai by 7th we started to salem on 8th and we halted in a place called mullaikurichi which is under the kolli hills. I just couldn’t ask for anything more. It was such a belter of a location with kolli hills at the back and green and greens all around the place.

8th JAN 2010

We started the shoot by morning 7 and there was not much sun as we were under the hills. We spent the whole day shooting in the place with different backdrops of greens. And to my surprise I ate here in the officer’s place, but I should say it was so tasty and I really enjoyed the breakfast and lunch and so the day went and then we started to Salem by late evening.

9th JAN 2010

And we started shooting different kinds of activities which our SHG women’s engaged in. we went to different places like konganapuram where we saw a “Ulavar sandhai” where cotton were sold in bulk and makanur where we shot a bag weaving business people and then to Jalagandapuram where again thread making was the major business, Edapadi village where we shoot handlooms, vaikundam where we shot a pot maker who was so famous I guess and finally ilampillai which is famous for looms and then started back to mullakurichi, the base of kolli hills enjoying the cold climate and even got so amused at how these people take care of their guests. Wow, it is again another great experience which I would never miss in my life.

10th Jan

We reached back to mullakirichi on 9th night and had a good cold night there and then Sunday started off with early shooting and day progressed as fast as it could and so we were shooting fast. We wrapped up things by late evening with major left over interviews and group meeting shots and then back to Salem last night and now back to “Namma Madras”…….