Love – A painful killer?? Posted by in fights, love, love hurts, misunderstanding, pain, painful killer
Bravery is nothing other than, He/she not showing that they are afraid but pretending to be brave! And that’s how a love is also. A lover will never show that he is losing the battle until he dies in the battle, he would be fighting to win not just the Princess heart but all other people who are near, far etc.. And when this turns around him in the wrong side?? A guy is just fighting a losing battle! A losing battle? What does that mean?

Well a losing Battle is nothing other than one Brave Champ trying to bring out a revolution fighting a battle with the million people on the other side, Got it?

That’s how Love is! When some falls in love, in true love they are pushed to another state of mind that they are someone who doesn’t have any work? Or the one who’s been loved is very great and the one who loved is doing a service? Or need to hear what the gal says? One doesn’t feel the time wasted without living the day! I seriously feel this moment that I have missed out my University days where I had nothing much to do other than jus proving my love than doing Love. I would never get that back and now it’s a different situation where I got to get pinged to some job and be more responsible and stuffs. To me there is nothing that the feeling of love can vary according to time. I have the same feeling ever, but when love is showered at one end it’s not on the other end? Funny situations?

And Love is at its best when it turns to a painful killer? One can ask when it hasn’t been. Yeah that’s even true. But it all depends on how we take it, but even then when we take is as a lovely feeling it hurts more? Can there be any solution ever for this ?