Life gives you opportunities….

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Life gives you opportunities to climb the ladder of your career. To catch it or to leave it is what considered being the most important thing. There have been a lot of people with humungous talents embedded with them and still not able get the rite match in their career and on contrary there have been lots of people for those career was nothing more than a blurred vision but to appreciate those who take off from there to reach a different position in their career is what to be appreciated. For instance I saw a transition of a well know friend of mine whose life changed from scratch to a Team leader in a MNC. He never knew how to operate a computer couple of years before and now he is handling a team of 10 designers under him.

This is where I feel that life gives everyone couple of opportunities to get on the track so that one’s life changes considerably. But to catch it or to leave it is only upon the discretion of the individual. Wondering what would be the biggest inspiration was for people who dint have any vision to become a team leader, I realized he was like a fresh land ready to get ploughed. He was seasoned with a person who was into designs and that’s where he learnt the fundamentals of computer and designing. It was after a year or so he felt that he had leant more than what he anticipated and felt that this current job was neither satisfying nor fulfilling his day-to-day requirements. And that’s when he took his time to look out for opportunities that came his way and picked up the one where he learnt the technicalities or nuances on web design and web technology. So there he grew from a designer to a web designer/specialist. 365 days weren’t sufficient as he had completed a year in a MNC designing website for US clients. And now he was more professional. But sooner, the recession struck and his career was again shaky.

It was again he waited for a rite time to quit the current organization to catch hold of another and moved on a rite time to become a team leader for what it takes more than education, skill but luck favoring the person. My suggestion is to keep our eyes wide open for the chances that come our way and to grab it at the right time than waiting for a better opportunity.