I saw the BEAUTY of her heart !!

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I saw her beauty not just the way she looks, the way she dresses…it was more than all these that made me fell in love with her. Yes she robbed my heart on the first day I met her. It can be like the all time filmy story. But the fact is, I loved the way she smiled. I still remember the day when we had a fight over the phone and that’s when I felt something for her in my heart. And things evolved eventually that I was there for her whenever she wanted. I still wonder how could have that happened and I get puzzled.

It was a dark rainy day when Chennai was flooded with water and a massive power cut….Trrrringggg..My mobile rang and it was her. She asked me for a help and the moment I kept my mobile I was all set to go in the rain. I got ready with the Duck Pack rain coat [my father’s] and when I was about to get out of the home. My mum asked me what are you doing at this time of the night when city is almost shut down.  My answer was simple. She called me for a help and I guess she needs me there. So rushing to her hostel at that time and finally met her for few minutes. I was again mesmerized with the smile she had for me.  Every day when we have a common class or when we meet at a common meeting place I would there opposite to her, next to her. I knew we were getting closer but the things we discussed were far beyond just romancing over phone or going on a date. I remember every moment we spent together chatting.

Years passed by, so as the frequency of meeting also started widening. I guess I am cursed on this one. Whenever I get to meet her and spend quality time, a curse would come and break my heart and we wouldn’t be able to meet for long. Separation was not even the rite word as I would say cause most of the time we would be wondering when would be “the day”. As ever the day would come and pass and so the separation would be on the cards. This made me restless. But still, she wasn’t out of my mind.

We finally decided to go for the marriage and there the curse came and hit us badly. I would say double the tsunami. I am a Hindu [anyway I don’t go to temple] & she is a Christian and both parents met and spoke and everything which was required. It wasn’t written for me is what I should say and all the bad things in life was for me I believe and we broke. It was the day when my heart broke into million pieces and I was flooded with pain. Even when she used to [unintentionally] ignore me, I never used to be in that sort of pain. And that’s when I had to decide for my folks that I need to go ahead in my life and I shared my thought to her. She felt devastated, lost in her own world. My eyes went blurry every time I thought of that. Her smile reminded me the days when we used to believe that we would be together. Her gentle touch reminded me the days when we used to smile together [even if it was less]; it was enough for me to spend my life time with her. She felt the same but she isn’t that aggressive like me and I believe that’s the reason she has been fighting with her side for me ever since we broke up and we aren’t able to patch it up. I never believed anyone in my life so much as I believed her just because she wouldn’t marry anyone other than me just because someone wants her to get married. I saw the beauty of her heart from the time when she hated love to the time when she hated everything and everyone other than me and more than that she wouldn’t even express herself to anyone as much as I do. I still remember the lines by Metallica “And the Day will dawn for those who stand long”. I will wait for my beauty.