How did I make 100 sleeping leads to become a paying customer

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Being a growth marketer, it is important to come up with innovative ideas that brings in new sales to the company. I kept brainstorming with the team on converting those sleeping leads who sit on your CRM without any use.

There are many ways one can make them do an action

  1. Create engaging content and ask people to share
  2. Give discounts/offers
  3. Let the user try the product/service for free (trial period)
  4. Make the user as your brands ambassador

What I chose was a mix of all these. Here’s the hack

Tools used: #ZohoCampaigns #Unbounce #Twitter  

I started off by creating a sleek content that outlines the offer – “Tweet to get a free trademark” This could be a cheesy thing to do, but trust me – it worked!

Next, I created a simple email campaign in Zoho Campaigns with the content and a link to the landing page which was designed using #unbounce.

Landing page:

Most important aspect of a landing page is to make it sleek and make the user to do some action. What I did was to just put an introductory content on the landing page to tell them that they are just 2 step closer to get their free trademark! At this stage, I was collecting the user details (name, email, phone no, brand name and product type) which would help me to contact them back. By this way, user would feel the necessity of completing the process than exiting.

Pro Tip: Naming your button is as important as creating a neat landing page. I used “File my trademark for free”.

The Action item aka Trick: Once the user clicks on the “File my trademark for free” button, I routed the user to a pop up page which will make the user take an action. Earlier, I had embedded a tweet message using #unbounce social embed options and got a code for a tweet button. The user will get routed to his twitter account to post it on his twitter ID.

What did I achieve? tweets carrying your #hashtag, retweets by influencers. All this action packed campaign gained us to revive back some of our sleeping leads which in turn become active!

Here’s the link to the Newsletterlanding page & the action part on landing page.

oh! BTW, thanks to my growth hacking team for all the crazy ideas and challenges that they have thrown at me!