How I succeeded in mining 2K+ start-up CEO, CXO & CTO email ID’s

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Finding genuine email address could be both frustrating and time taking. But thanks to tools like Rapportive which uses social media connect to find email ID’s. Now finding email addresses of top hats of any start-up is just a minute away.

While I was managing a bunch of presales associates for my campaigns, I used many methods to find an email id of a start-up founder, CEO or CXO or CTO. In this article I am going to explain the top 3 methods which I used to find original aka working email ID’s.

There are many ways of finding email ID’s. But I am listing out the top 3 methods which was tried and tested and which was successful to me.

  1. Buy a readymade database (avoid)
  2. Primary mining
  3. Secondary mining

Buy a list from a genuine Email database seller:

This is the easiest method where you can get thousands of email address for some bucks. There are many firms who offer industry based databases. However, no seller guarantees 100% delivery rate. The standard delivery rate is around 30% – so make sure if you want to invest money in getting such email database and spend your campaigns credits into that. I personally wouldn’t prefer if you are a growth stage company.

Primary mining:

This is the by far best method to find email address. I used Rapportive to find those email ids that I want to target through my email campaigns. Rapportive has a well-built engine which checks their social profile (LinkedIn) to confirm if your permutation and combination is correct.

Install Rapportive plugin for chrome or your Gmail id. If you have the first name and last name of the person for whom you needs to find email id, then try typing – you should see a screen on the right side trying to load. If that fails, try This should ideally work. Mostly the first option works fine else the second. If you aren’t succeeding with the both, you may have to try some more time in analysing the pattern of email id that are associated with the domain.

Be smart! Do a simple google search with any email id and one should be able to see many search results. This might give you an idea of how to do the right search. If this fails miserably, you have only one option which is secondary mining

Secondary Mining:

This is the trickiest part where you call the company no and talk to someone and ask for their email id. Mostly the general number would be answered by the front desk executive. Make sure that your tone is not desperate but commanding. Just check with the caller if firstname.lastname is the email of the person as you are about to send an important email to the user. This is just a use case but use your creativity to attain best results. Though it’s very hard to get email ID’s of decision makes over the phone, use your intelligence to get the hack right!

If you have any queries, feel free to tweet me @anandbalagopal and I would be very much happy to help you guys out!