How I moved from a NBFC to IPR startup firm!

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binaire optie brokers nederland It was those days when I started going to IELTS classes just because I was desperate to go abroad and study advertising. It was not just that, but also wanted to get rid of other personal issues that were hampering my mind. While one part of my mind strong had faith in going abroad, the devil’s advocate always had a gut feeling that I would get a job offer. Well, while my training classes got over, I went on a trip to OOTY and that’s when I saw an email that was lying from an Intellectual Property firm that was based out of Bangalore. I didn’t knew even a bit of what IPR is all about and even my brain refused understanding what that term meant even after doing a thorough googling. But, I was sure that I wanted to move from the NBFC to some other industry and this was it.

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follow So Finally I moved to Bangalore to stay with my friends. With friends working for a US based company, it was pretty tough for me to coup up with their timings. They would sleep while I am awake and vice versa. We partied harder on weekends and that was entirely a different phase of my life where I was just settling to the new job at Inolyst and the top management had lot of ambitious plans on marketing. I was even said that I would be the one among the very few marketing expert in an Intellectual property firm which was still construed as a traditional industry.

femme d'oran cherche homme pour mariage I had to learn not just about IPR but about how to become a good marketer. I kept writing stupid and long emails to industry partners and supporters but didn’t work. I kept picking from the team about how startup works, how to talk to startup, how to write to them and so on. Sooner I picked this; I was attending events and tried my bit of networking. I was always afraid inside that I wasn’t that good in networking but I kept telling myself that I should look up and start believing me. I was happy that I was getting better and better with my work and things were falling in place eventually. The company was going steady and was recruiting resources from IIT’s, IIM’s, Engineering colleges and what not. The team size rapidly started going up and so the pressure to perform or bring more sales went rocketing.

islamic dating service The founders were also testing with us. Their aspirations were good but projections were bad. We started having monthly reviews which slowly moved to weekly as the peer pressure to bring more sales went high and high. White boards were filled with names of the sales team and crazy numbers and projections against them. What I witnessed was nothing more than sorrow faces on one end and the hot steam from the management. I was afraid that something bad was coming. Slowly the ship started showing signs of getting sunk.

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