Who’s better? A growth hacker or growth hustler?

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So, I have been really confused about whether to call myself as a growth hacker or a growth hustler. If a person doesn’t know to code but uses intelligent tools to increase sales and growth – What are they called?

I was going through series of blog posts to understand what and how exactly this term “Growth Hustler” came into existence. Rei Inamoto , the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) @ AQUA had mentioned that startups of today require 3 key people, A Hacker, a Hipster and a Hustler.

Hacker being the one who’s geeky and who codes to create different ideas live into landing pages or other growth tools and the hipster is the resource who takes up the design and development and the hustler is the one who’s responsible for putting it all together and is counted for sales. Did you know? A growth hacker can be the VP of Marketing too!

My question: Does the coding capability the differentiation factor between Growth hacker and hustler?

Digging deep: Hustler means someone who works hard or works around various stuffs in a focused manner. Likewise a growth hustler is not your simple sales guy but someone who understands customer pain points and come up with solutions that help gain traction to the organization with a steep upward curve in sales.

Answer: However the job of growth hacker or a growth hustler is to have out of box thinking and ways to create hacks for scalability in business. A growing team requires a synergetic approach from both of them in understanding behavior patterns of customer and their needs and solutions to come up with novel solutions that could help grow sales.