Feels like sitting on top of a hot pan…

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With just 60 days left for our marriage, I feel like sitting on top of a hot pan. Yes, it’s been a long wait for almost 6 years and we have seen everything hat shouldn’t happen from the smallest of fights to the biggest of the fights not just between us but with everyone who was around us as they were the catalyst for all these problems which even led to a break up for quite a long time and I should admit that it did not last long and it was like returning after an ad break. It was the toughest phase of our lives as we were in different parts of the country. I always say this quote from Metallica that “and the day will dawn for those who stand long”. We have waited long for being together and at times I feel like catching the next flight to meet meet my sweet kutty. I miss her the most.
We had our share of happiness. One such memorable event happens to be this Valentine’s Day. I wanted to write about this Valentine’s Day in the form of an article. As I moved to Bangalore last month for my new job, I had no time left for blogging. It was like running against time. I felt that blogging too had become a long distance wish similar to my love. Anyway, let’s get back to the Valentine’s Day:
I was wondering what to present her on this Valentine’s Day. I was running out of productive ideas. Many ideas were popping up like that of designing a card, surprise visit to Delhi, making a Collage and what not. As there was no time left, I went to a boutique and got kutty a beautiful contrasting salwar material. This made me realise that my plan was working out to an extent. Now my thoughts were stuck at a point relating to how I would send this to Delhi. Finally in the nth moment, I came up an idea. Now I was pondering about a timeline similar to that of facebook as it would be highlighting various events like that of how we met and fell in love and also the sufferings we came across. My intentions were to make a story from the audience point of view. Prem kumar, my colleague at Madura was looking out for a break from his regular, monotonous job. It was at this juncture that I shared my timeline idea with him. He got thrilled listening to me and with no time, he started drafting the sequence in a orderly fashion on an excel sheet. The day was dark as there was no electricity. The spark within me was not allowing me to give up on my ideas. I knew my deadline. I had to courier the parcel the same night so as to make it available to my girl on the ‘De day.
Prem kumar had put in a lot of effort in making the story. He helped me in knitting the story with many interesting incidents here and there. It came out to be a breezy love story. He did finish his task around 6 pm and it was then I started doing the pagination part. It was Ramesh, another colleague at Madura who gave the suggestion of pinning the story inside Anandha vikadan magazine. After completing the pagination part, I rushed to a nearby Xerox shop and took a colour print out. I immediately went to the Archies for getting a nice gift wrapper to wrap the dress for my princess. Finally I did the packing and gave it to my friend at the courier shop.
The parcel reached Delhi a day in advance and to my surprise, kutty was at home and did receive it herself. Imagine the thrill in receiving a gift meant for you in person. She got it and read our story. I knew she would be touched by the idea because it was not just an idea which would make her emotional but the content within. And it happened the same way. There were days when I did not write anything about Valentine’s Day as nothing much happened or I wrote about my expectations which were not happening. But this time things changed. Kutty received the gift in the presence of her mother. I felt the acceptance which I neither anticipated nor expected. I could easily recall the days when I was happy having my kutty next to me. So for a guy who missed his girl so badly, this Valentine’s Day turned out to be block buster hit.
And coming back to my post… it’s been more than a month now after the event and I can still feel the moment on the D day where I was on top of the world, fully loaded with happiness. It’s very hard to miss the person whom you love and for me the pain is more. I am keeping my fingers crossed to be with the sweetest girl in this entire universe. We have waited for long experiencing the pain of being away. We did things for being together. I feel very happy writing this post as I am writing about my kutty who means the world to me. She makes me go crazy with her love. I feel like sitting on top of a hot pan because I am missing my kutty a lot and never wish to be away from her at any point of time. I would like to conclude this post by stating that this write-up is a dedication to my kutty who is a priceless gift to me.
 Note: The next post would be my valentine gift which I gave to my kutty… Watch out!!