Boulevard of Broken dreams

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I walk a lonely road…The only one that I have ever known…Don’t know where it goes,
But it’s only me, I walk alone…I walk this empty street…On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
When the city sleeps…And I’m the only one and I walk alone.
Everyone who we get to move around have an inbuilt or ourburst sadness by which they are bound unnaturally. Problems have become an integral part of a human’s life. I was wondering if one could be so happy with money. But realised it was false. At the same time, the country is piled with poor people and they need a better life. A guy looks at a motorcycle where the lover is tightly hugging his love and going. Poor guy thinks they are happy. But the matter of fact is they are happy just for those moment they are together as they would be facing a different type of problem. Wherein this guy is missing his girlfriend and looking at those couples as if life is just going on a bike with their girlfriend. There comes another character for whom life is a nothing more than a tornado. It keeps hitting the deck again and again. At this juncture again another question arises. Money is a problem, love is a problem and what about marriage ? well looking into the lifes of people who are married or who are still eligible batchelors. Everyone stands at the shore and wants to be at the other end. The other person eagerly wants to be at the same place where he started his journey. Those who are married wants to be free. Those who are unmarried wants to get married ? so this is also a problem.
Life is quite depressing at time [most of the times  – says anonymous] as we run for something which is like a mirage. We try to give our best to get to a safe house but then when u have crossed a forbidable amout of distance, one will feel whether is it worth trying for. By that time, one would have become tired and exhausted. It is at that point one loses his confidence. And that is when we need to say that there are people who could just take things as it comes and carry on with what they have. So making ourselves happy with whatever we have would make us happy. Is it what I am trying to say. I question to myself and I find this answer as indecisive and negative. If we are to make ourselves happy with whatever we have they wouldnt be any need. How would we be motivated or to take even the smallest of the risks, if we are just happy with what we have ?
I came across a person who showers plastic smile. I hate when people throws plastic smiles. Well, getting to know about people and problems have been a gifted talent for me I guess and thats why I am able to speak to people at ease. When life becomes like a boulevard of broken dreams, tears would have dried up. You would have possibly left with no strength to smile at someone whole heartedly. This is where the plastic smile comes from.  I am not sure whether the article is fully synergetic. But I just wanted to share something which I have been pondering upon lately.