Anand Balagopal

Feels like sitting on top of a hot pan…

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With just 60 days left for our marriage, I feel like sitting on top of a hot pan. Yes, it’s been a long wait for almost 6 years and we have seen everything hat shouldn’t happen from the smallest of

Life gives you opportunities….

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Life gives you opportunities to climb the ladder of your career. To catch it or to leave it is what considered being the most important thing. There have been a lot of people with humungous talents embedded with them and

Boulevard of Broken dreams

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I walk a lonely road…The only one that I have ever known…Don’t know where it goes,
But it’s only me, I walk alone…I walk this empty street…On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
When the city sleeps…And I’m the only one

[No] strings attached

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Can u tell me a reason why you love me? 

This is a very illustrious question asked by many lovers to each other. Many would say reasons but I personally feel that, there is no reason for love and when

I saw the BEAUTY of her heart !!

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I saw her beauty not just the way she looks, the way she dresses…it was more than all these that made me fell

தென்காசி Calling !!

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The Plan :

It has been more than 6 months, that I have been to field for shoot. And at-last here I am travelling to Tenkasi for 3 days shooting of demo groups shots with the self help group women’s of Madura.

Madura Carnival aka மதுரா திருவிழா

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The Madura Carnival, will launch this “upwardly mobile” initiative while also celebrating Madura Microfinance’s fifteenth year of operations.

In a path breaking and significant initiative,Madura Microfinance Ltd. will provide Mobile connectivity to its members acrossTamil Nadu to enable them in

Life has to move on !!

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The enthusiasm in the pretty bubbly love has gone and finally it finally led me to take a decision which I never even dreamt of! Yeah the breakup… I saw the love grow in my presence, but it wasn’t that

Random thoughts and happenings

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It’s a very cold Sunday with rain pouring outside now and then as the ‘JAL’ starts crossing chennai. My mum wanted to go to friends & relatives place and I happily nodded to it  and took my white mean machine

I would’ve shot him if I had a pistol !!

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A poor fellow was walking on the pedestrian lane on one side of the road. A car which passed by him went so fast that it splashed the dirty water over him. The owner dint have the smallest of mercy