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Transformation of Social Media from making friends to creating opinions!

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Social media was a beautiful platform once and is never the same. I could roughly split the social media platforms into two parts – Pre and Post Facebook. The predecessors of Facebook were many but I used Orkut, MySpace and …

My year end reflections

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A quick rewind of the year that went past!

and What’s in the New Year?

I have always felt that my life has been a good example of rolling stone. This passing year also continuous to be the same way …

Top 5 things to consider while applying for a job!

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While you are really excited to see a job matching your requirements and with a quirky perk in salary, it is quite common that we jump out of the seat to apply immediately before thinking twice. While there are some …

How I succeeded in mining 2K+ start-up CEO, CXO & CTO email ID’s

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Finding genuine email address could be both frustrating and time taking. But thanks to tools like Rapportive which uses social media connect to find email ID’s. Now finding email addresses of top hats of any start-up is just a minute …

How did I make 100 sleeping leads to become a paying customer

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Being a growth marketer, it is important to come up with innovative ideas that brings in new sales to the company. I kept brainstorming with the team on converting those sleeping leads who sit on your CRM without any use.…

Who’s better? A growth hacker or growth hustler?

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So, I have been really confused about whether to call myself as a growth hacker or a growth hustler. If a person doesn’t know to code but uses intelligent tools to increase sales and growth – What are they called?…

How I moved from a NBFC to IPR startup firm!

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It was those days when I started going to IELTS classes just because I was desperate to go abroad and study advertising. It was not just that, but also wanted to get rid of other personal issues that were hampering …


Here comes Haasini the iBaby ;)

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So, I was equally wondering what happened to my blogging ever since 2012 and the reason was that I was damn busy over things. Yes, my sweet wifey got pregnant and there came  Haasini – our bundle of joy – …

A Quick rewind to remember – Part 1

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As I see the days moving faster and faster than ever, thought of just using a time lapse to slow down my ongoing works and write a blog post. Every time I look at my page views on my blog,

Those 20 minutes were my 127 hours !!

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My Monday morning started off with blues as I walked from the Outer ring road to Panathur which is around 2kms. Usually I take an auto but I wasn’t sure what was running in my mind, I walked. Anyway, walking