Alone in the Beach !! Posted by in alone, beach, Experience, learning, Life, tea

Life teaches us something each & every second.

I keep enjoying all the lessons, and today is the lesson of being alone. Me sitting in the same place where we  used to rub our seats regularly, yup, none other than the open restaurant seats in beach.

 It would be mostly me & my friends who would do the act daily. But today’s lesson is to sit alone & write a blog about the lonely experience.

 I see the same gang sitting next to our table , talk about the day today affairs & keep debating it until the restaurant gets shut after ten o clock. I see the same server boy saying the menu to the varied customers sitting at different tables.

The only difference is, am alone reading to my friends messages & replying him & still continue typing in my pda.when I just tilt hy head , I just see a very less croung, enjoying their time, a couple passing me holding their hands, a song of latr 80’s running in the next table& the group of people discussing cinema of the 80’s , like the dialogues by bhagyaraj , the music of that times, latest film gossips, about the comedians & their level of appreciations.

 People nowadays are so much enlightened about the cinema, one thing which hit my ears is the debate that’s continuing since I came here. I hear them say about the kind of comedy & who people like, why comedians like charlie, chinni jayant, vayyapuri are not seen nowadays.

 And its been an quarter hour since I started loving my space lonely & now let me settle the bill & push off to my hide out & upload my lonely encounter!!

 Jai ho !!