A Quick rewind to remember – Part 1

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As I see the days moving faster and faster than ever, thought of just using a time lapse to slow down my ongoing works and write a blog post. Every time I look at my page views on my blog, I feel that I have lost touch in writing blogs. Anyway, this blog post would typically a quick rewind on various stuffs that took place from Feb 2012 – Nov 2012.Early Feb 2012: I was kind of getting bored at the place where I used to work and started looking out for jobs. That was when Chithra and I had patched up and had lengthy discussions on getting married. I did by best in convincing both sides and getting the marriage talks in the air. I was over cautious about this whole marriage thing as it had already proved to be a very tricky thing which could let us down any time. This time I made up my mind that I will leave the entire old story behind and just do something to get us both together. This worked big time and both the parents started speaking.

I was getting few job interviews and nothing was really interesting or they didn’t find me interesting and that’s when the founder of Inolyst spoke to me about joining the team and I was quite interested in moving to Bangalore and join Inolyst.

A Sigh of Relief: She wasn’t able to make it to the discussion, but that was eventually substituted by me as I accompanied my parents and relatives. The discussion between both families were very transparent. The decision to get married in both ways was mutually agreed and few tentative dates were fixed.

Late Feb 2012: I moved to Bangalore and started working for Inolyst, an IP strategy & consulting firm based out of Bangalore. I never had a great chance to discuss much on IP, Patents all my life except a very few instances where few close friends of mine were planning to do something innovative. Hence the thirst for learning was haunting me to the core as I started learning the process that takes place inside the organization. My UG friend prakash, who was staying with his friends at bellandur gave me accommodation. I enjoyed every part of being a bachelor staying away from parents.

March & April 2012: The job gets tougher: My work at Inolyst becomes tougher than I thought as I had to evolve myself as a marketing communication professional from a media and communication professional. I had to do be on calls and emails most of the time. I started working on framing a marketing strategy for my organization which looked pretty decent for a startup. I am a strong critic of my own thoughts which kept haunting me on the kind of stress and pressure I was going through in forging partnerships with key organizations who share the same vision of building a strong ecosystem. I buried my own fear by managing to clinch on two key partnerships which really gave me tons of confidence on myself. On the other hand, my marriage was getting closer as the dates moved closer to April.