A beauty at the beast

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He created them, gave them everything, the beauty, the attitude, the strong heart and the reason we are behind them is for the beauty of a beast. Huh! Controversial statement…? It’s never wrong to me. Everything is important them. They need it when they actually need… they grasp attention when they need to… they just make it work out when they want ‘em. They ignore when they want…they call when they want, they speak when they want to hear, they caress when they need… Note what I say, it’s just their way of appreciation to their attraction. They would do it just for their wish and will…We don’t have a heart and if we have it we shouldn’t express as if we have. cause its not a rite stuff to express.. Being cool is another factor he has gifted them. I guess I so frustrated now to write about this stuff…

Bad night !!